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Автор:  poly [ Нед Апр 19, 2009 12:46 ]
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Jerry пише книга на тема "Вегански/вегетариански активизъм и протест". Някой има ли информация на тази тема относно България?
(Български организации за защита правата на животните, за вегетарианство/веганство)
Jerry се надява да включи и България.


I have been invited to write a 1500-word article for a university book on
vegan/vegetarian "Activism and Protest". I don't know much about activism
and protest in your region, so I am hoping that you can send me a short
paragraph summarizing your area's vegan/vegetarian activism and protest in
the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. I'd be happy to receive as much
information, web sites, and other material that you think is important. If
there are major events, like electing a vegetarian legislator, a massive
protest, or something else newsworthy, I'd appreciate more detailed
information about those events.

One short example:

"In [my country, e.g., Bulgaria or Lebanon], vegan activism began around 1970, mostly by college
students and other young people. Decades later, it became more
sophisticated, with vegan advocates of all ages handing out literature,
going to schools and public events to give lectures, and working with the
government to make diet recommendations more plant-based. In 2000,
[legislator's name] was elected, who pledged a reduction of tax subsidies to
meat-based industries."

Thank you,

Jerry Friedman
Los Angeles, CA

http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profi ... =681756189

"All sentient beings deserve equal moral consideration. Animal equality is a
synonym for justice."-Joan Dunayer, 'Animal Equality: Language and

Автор:  7 Generations [ Нед Апр 19, 2009 18:28 ]
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Какъв активизъм, тук има само хипаризъм :laugh1:

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